I love this week’s exercise it makes me so happy to see so many random acts of kindness everywhere I go.  It inspires me go out and do the same.  This is something I am very passionate about and always try to teach my kids the power of doing something kind for others.

With my kids who are now old enough to do their own chores like doing and putting away their laundry, vacuuming, sweeping etc.  I have made a deal with them, they are to complete these tasks by a certain time during the week if it is not completed by then and I am required to do it I charge them money.  The first time it happens I only charge $2 but if it is repeated then the fee goes up…..this is to stop them from being lazy.  There have been some instances where I have done some of the chores and now I am noticing that they don’t want to me $10 to put away their laundry LOL!

What we decided to do is to take the money that collect from them and donate to small local businesses in the area.  This helps the business by allowing them to offer free goods to their customers which makes their customers happy and helps to bring in repeat business.  Its a small donation that brings happiness to others on many different levels.

Everyone wins the kids work harder to keep up with their chores ….but if it is missed then still something good comes out of it.  I am very proud of my children and I am so incredibly grateful to have them!!!!



This week has been quite a challenge for me.  Working diligently on balancing work and personal life is not always easy.  Each day I find myself doing many things for others but this course I am actually doing for me and that is so important!!!  I find it challenging to justify spending time on myself when I know I have work deadlines and kids to attend to…..but I am doing it now!!!!

So this week I learned I must take it one task at a time and completely as efficiently as possible.  I am happy say that I am now all caught up!

When these situations arise the positive side for me is that I begin to realize what has the most importance in my life.  I am learning so much about myself with this course.  It is bringing out the positives that I never realized I had am now appreciating.  I am so grateful for this opportunity to mold my future and give it direction.  I am definitely on my path of true happiness.


Well starting a new year and everyone has resolutions of what they would like to achieve in the year to come.  This year is no different and looking forward there are many things I would like to achieve.

I am now starting to train to run my first half marathon…..I found some simple training exercises for myself to do.  I too am one of those people that would like to lose weight but for me its not about joining a gym, it doesn’t work for me.  A couple of years ago my family started training kung fu, it was not only great for me to lose weight (a lot of baby weight) but it brought me closer to my children because we would spend time training at home together.  We were fortunate enough to find a place that allowed us to do group training which was always fun!!!!  These are the things that are important in life to me.

Now I am looking to achieve some more personal goals like running a half marathon this year.  I am looking to joining the running room to help me stay motivated and to meet other runners to help inspire me.  Have any of you ran a marathon?  Do you have any advice for me?

This week I watched Yes Man with Jim Carrey and it was a story about doing what you enjoy without worrying about what anybody thinks.  Don’t spend your life pleasing others because you can’t please everybody…..instead spend it doing what makes you happy and right people will come and support you.

This year is going to be a great year I have never been more focused on things that I want in my life thanks to this course.  I can see things starting to work their magic and it feels like my DMP is becoming more and more attainable.  I looking forward to the year ahead and hope that 2015 brings you one step closer to reaching your DMP.


Cool Runnings…….who hasn’t seen it?  Now this is a movie I have been watching since I was kid…it is one of my favourites and now my children are enjoying it too.  The lessons it has to teach us about having a dream and making it your reality are wonderful.  Not letting anyone or anything stand in the way of your dreams!!!  It shows that there will be moments of defeat and being knocked down……but it is what you do next that determines your fate.  Do you give up and decide this isn’t for you?  Or do you get up change a few things accomplish your goals?

Keeping your goals clear in your head and then being determined to do whatever it takes to get the results you desire.  This year I have decided to take on new project for work to help me discover other sides of me….I have to say it is quite the challenge!!!!  There are times where I ask myself “why am I doing this?”  Then I remember that I am trying to grow and expand my abilities.  Show myself that there is more to me than meets the eye.  I have no limits except for the ones I create for myself.  Of course I am still struggling with some of the details of the project but I know when it is complete I will have opened up new doors for myself .  I love the challenge and getting results!!!!

The other movie I absolutely love watching with my kids is Meet the Robinsons……it is great story for everyone!!!   Never give up….just keep moving forward!!!!!  Our mistakes don’t define us but show us that there must be another way.  I am so ready for 2015 and feeling more and more motivated to realize my true potential.  I am so excited to see what is in store because AMAZING things are coming!!!!!!

Wishing everyone an exciting 2015…..it going to be a great year!!!!!

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Well I have been working on a personal gratitude journal which I started this past summer.  It was suggestion made to my daughter who is 12 to help her remember all the wonderful things that are in her life.  I would read some of her enteries in her journal and it was beautiful, it made me happy to read them…..it made her happy to write them. Then I got to thinking this is definitely something I should do…..at first it started off with things like seeing a beautiful sunrise or sunset, or grateful for my amazing family.  As I continued to do the journal I found it easier and easier to write about what I appreciated in my life.

This new exercise for me seemed to be an extension of my journal and writing the 30 cards was a bit of a challenge but as I started writing them it got easier and easier.  It really is amazing how our mind works and focusing on all the great things that are all around us can make appreciate life so much more.  I recommend everyone take 10 minutes a day to write a gratitude journal because there is always something to be grateful for!!!!!

The holidays are here and I am so grateful for all my amazing family and friends all around the world for all the laughter, love and joy they help bring into my life.  I wish all of you a wonderful Christmas filled with love and may the new year bring everyone one step closer to their DMP!!!


I keep hearing all these amazing stories of random acts of kindness and I got to say every time I hear these stories I get goose bumps.  There is something so beautiful about making someone smile.

I recently heard a story of wealthy individual in Kansas who took the opportunity to share his wealth.  Every Christmas he gives $100 000 of his own money and this year was no different.  This year he distributed the $100 000 amongst the local police and asked them to be the ones who gave out the money.  Each officer was instructed to go out and give $100 to anybody they thought could use it.  This was profound for a couple of reasons…..one because usually when you get pulled over everyone has a very negative reaction (including me).  Imagine being pulled over not for speeding but because someone thought you might be able to use $100.  The individuals that were pulled over were ones whose cars were old and dented, or to some homeless individuals….one lady said that the $100 saved her Christmas because now she could buy her three kids gifts. These officers who find themselves usually in negative situations suddenly we getting great big hugs and lots and lots of thank you’s which was amazing.  For the officers this was about the feeling of giving.  I love what this story has to offer and it has inspired me to get a little closer to my DMP.

Now when I do my sit or meditation I can still feel the goose bumps throughout my body because of this beautiful story.  It is this feeling that I will continue to carry with me and have inspire me to do more good in this world we really need it.  Give what you can ….whenever you can because there is no greater accomplishment than helping others.  We are all connected when one person smiles you can’t help but smile back.


This is week I feel I need to share my promise because it is one that I really want to see results!  It has been very challenging to finally put my foot down and take care of myself.  My kids over the years have been learning how to make some of their favourite foods…..simply because I believe everyone should know how to cook.  It is important that when you really enjoy something you should know how to make it for yourself and not have to wait for someone else to do it for you.

So both my kids are really good at preparing breakfasts like pancakes, waffles, eggs (scrambled, omlettes, fried, boiled and even mini frittatas (YUMMY!!!) along with smoothies!)  I know this is This is all great but I enjoy eating them and with Christmas coming it is getting harder and harder to make sure I say no thank you.  My son even knows how to make pumpkin pancakes from scratch…..and they are AMAZING!!!  I need to figure out a way to enjoy a small portion of these wonderful meals so that my children stay motivated to make them again and then I need to be diligent enough to have a proper workout routine in place.  My son and I do workout in the mornings but I feel I need more than that!

So, today is December 7, 2014 and I promise to start my kickboxing and pilates workout everyday!  I will complete this every morning for one month and the move on to workouts with more intensity.  I will see a positive change with myself not only physically but emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  I look forward to seeing this transformation occur and to start my new year with a better and more positive me!!!